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Company Profile

The company SIONTIS N. CLOTHES – FOOTWARE TRADING Ltd. was founded in 2004.
It initially became active back in 1973 as an individual business. However, its rapid growth led us to the establishment of a limited company.
Nowadays, after 4 decades of experience in retailing, we have managed to set up 16 stores in Greece which ranks us among the 5 largest chain stores of our sector in Greece, with a team-family of more than 120 people. 
Our efforts were rewarded by setting up a franchise ADIDAS store in Ioannina in 2012 which was later awarded the “Best Customer Service 2013” prize by ADIDAS HELLAS SA.
We have established collaboration with every major brand and we trade authentic products only. represents our latest business activity and is fully adjusted to the modern needs of every consumer. Our primary goal for the years to come is to develop into a leading force in the field of web-trading by following the same path that has established us in general trade. 

Here's a list of our Web & Physical Stores

  • (tel. 2651002801)
  • SaintSoles, Ag. I. Rentis, Thivos 228 & Parnasou (Village Shopping), (tel. 210 4252600)
  • SaintSoles, Glyfada, 2nd Giannitsopoulou str. (tel. 2108947500)
  • SaintSoles, Ioannina, Mihail Aggelou 26 (tel. 2651021870)
  • Saintsoles, Ioannina, Harilaou Trikoupi 20 (tel. 2651021680)
  • SaintSoles, Mykonos, Mathaiou Andronikou 1, (tel. 2289078865)
  • SaintSoles, Mykonos, Mathaiou Andronikou 18, (tel. 2289024333)
  • www.hallο (τηλ. 2651002800)
  • Hall Of Brands, Ag. I. Rentis, Thivos 228 & Parnasou (Village Shopping), (tel. 210 4252500)
  • Hall Of Brands, Glyfada, 2nd Giannitsopoulou str. (tel. 2108949555)
  • Hall Οf Brands, Athens, Kalamioutou 27 & Evangelistrias (tel. 2103232444)
  • Hall Of Brands, Athens, Olympionikon 258 - Neo Psychiko (tel. 2106718888)
  • Hall Of Brands, Thessaloniki, Tsimiski 73 (tel. 2310276727)
  • Hall Οf Brands, Ioannina, 6th klm. National Road Ioannina - Athens (tel. 2651093700)
  • Hall Οf Brands, Arta, Skoufa & Agiou Konstantinou 1 (tel. 2681069900)
  • Sportzone, Ioannina, Vlahleidi & Poutetsi 2 (tel.2651028650)
  • Funky Buddha, Ioannina, Vlahleidi 7 (tel. 2651026580)
  • Siontis Athletics (since 1973), Ioannina, 28th October 18 (tel. 2651031202)  

Loyal to our own principles and with total respect for every customer, we keep providing:

The best possible services
Immediate services
Reliability – authentic products only
Exclusive Products
Constant renewal of our catalogue
Daily new offers

Always at the best prices available!

VAT NUMBER: EL999411305