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Our web-store welcomes you!

The present General Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this website as well as to the purchase of any products/services through this website; they define the terms and conditions of all visits and use of both our website and our web-store, and determine the purchase contract concluded between the two parties for any purchase order made through this website. You are requested to read carefully these Terms and Conditions and make sure you consent to them before entering our web-store. In case you do not agree to them, you are advised to leave the present website. However, any action such as browsing, signing in our newsletter, or purchasing any of our products; will signify your full consent to the present Terms.

1) WHAT DOES PROVIDE? is a web-store that has been created to exhibit, promote and retail the products of its suppliers in such a way as to offer every visitor the possibility to choose through a wide range of shoes and purchase any product at highly attractive prices. The company reserves every right to choose the products that will be exhibited on the website, as well as to replace or/and withdraw any of them, at any time, with no reason and with no previous notification. In addition, both the company’s price policy and its retail promotion methods, through special offers or/and discount, are solely determined by the company itself; and they can be modified at any time with no previous notification. 

2) RECEPTION AND FULFILLMENT OF AN ORDER has established an effective collaboration with various suppliers, importers and manufacturers, from Greece as well as other countries, in order to provide you with a wide range of products at the most attractive prices in the market. There is a certain process, which is described in detail below, that needs to be followed by any visitor who wishes to place an order, and that is mainly because occasionally – for reasons we cannot be held accountable for – a product that appears to be available for purchase may not be eventually available or due for delivery within the time limit that is displayed in Thus, in order for you to be totally aware of your order’s progress and fully protected against any potential risks, your order can be completed through the following steps: 

You are requested to sign in as a user on before placing your initial order, so as to secure an easier and more convenient transaction on our website. 
• Select any product and place it in the “Cart”
• Initiate the process of sending the order request by following the suggested steps
• Fill in all the information required in the order format
• An automated message with the information of your order as this has been received from our website will be sent to your registered e-mail
Before sending us an order request, you should accept the terms of use, since they define every transaction you make with our company. 
Please be aware that our company is entitled to express any reservations regarding the availability of the products included in your order request, given the fact that at that time the process of your request has not been yet initiated.
Finally, we would like to inform you that our company adopts a strict policy regarding the protection of your personal data, and it is only with your full consent (which is granted through the order format) that it is gathered and processed in a proper and totally secure way.

At this stage, our company verifies the availability of all the products that are included in your order request.
• In case every product included in your order request can be available within the time limit projected on our website, a confirmation e-mail consisting of all your order’s information will be sent to the web address you have registered. Afterwards, the products will be sent based on the delivery schedule of the courier company we collaborate with.
• In case one or more of the products included in your order request is not available or/and cannot be delivered within the time limit projected on our website, a competent member of our staff will contact you by phone or e-mail in order to inform you about the limited availability.
In case, for any reason, none of the communication methods mentioned above can be established within 10 days since the date of your order request, the request will be automatically canceled and a new one should be resent to us.

If you choose to do your order by phone and not throught the site's form it is a prerequisite for you to know our eshop's terms and conditions located here.
By choosing to put an order by phone, mean's that you automatically and fully accept our eshops terms and conditions through all the phone order process.

In order to pay for the products you may be interested in buying, you can choose between the various payment methods suggested. First, you choose the payment method that you consider most satisfying. Then, you select that specific payment method from your order format and, finally, you fill in the personal information required. 

When the total cost of the products is at or below 15 euros, payment upon delivery is not an option. In this case you can pay via deposit into a bank account or credit card.

We would like to inform you that the shipping cost inside Greece is free of charge for all orders, provided their total cost is over 30€. For orders equal or below 30€, the shipping cost is 5€.

We would like to remind you that our company adopts a strict policy regarding the protection of your personal data, and it is only with your full consent (which is granted through the order format) that it is gathered and processed in a proper and totally secure way.
As regards to the payments by a credit card, our company, in collaboration with Piraeus Bank, has taken every precautionary measure as to secure the highest level of protection during your electronic transactions. 

At the time of the confirmation of your order, you will also be informed of the delivery time, which may vary based on the area you selected for your products to be sent to.
Your order will be sent to you directly from our company or a courier chosen exclusively by our company, during working days and hours (Monday – Friday, 09:00-18:00).
Based on the delivery schedule of the courier company we collaborate with, deliveries are made as follows: 
• In Attica, within 1-2 working days since your order has been recorded by our web-store
• In Greek capitals, within 2-3 working days since your order has been recorded by our web-store
• In every other Greek city, within 2-3 working days since your order has been recorded by our web-store, with the exception of any remote areas which may require 4 working day time-period.

For deliveries abroad please see the details here

The customer cannot open the package unless it's fully paid upon delivery.

Our company cannot be held liable for any delays caused by force majeure or any other incidents that cannot be controlled or predicted. For instance, our company is not responsible for any delays that occur in customs or any intermediate load-unload checkpoints, due to strikes by transportation-mean personnel or any other strikes that may affect the prompt supply of our warehouses, etc.
In the case of a potential delay, our company will make any necessary effort to contact you using the personal data you have previously registered, in order to notify you accordingly and agree with you upon a new delivery date or the delivery of a different product.
Despite the fact that our company goes to great lengths to respond adequately to your need for prompt notification regarding any potential limited availability, there is always the possibility that our suppliers encounter unexpected lack of availability even after the confirmation of your order. In such cases, our company will once again make every possible effort to establish contact using the personal information you have registered, in order to inform you properly and agree with you upon a new delivery date or the delivery of a different product or even the cancellation of your order with no further damages for both parties, as well as an interest-free refund of the amount of money you may have paid in advance within a reasonable time-period.

We would like to inform you that the shipping cost inside Greece is free of charge for all orders, provided their total cost is over 30€. For orders equal or below 30€, the shipping cost is 5€.

For heavy sports equipment such as dumbells, shipping is taking place via a Transport Company and the customer should cover the expenses. In this case we only accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.

Pick up from Our Stores

You can choose to pick up your order from one of our stores by simple mentioning your desire in the comments area during the order confirmation. Please keep in mind that pick up from our stores is only available for prepair orders (bank transfer or card). The shipping cost of 5€ for orders below 30€ still applies, even if you choose to pick up from our store.

For orders that have been delivered in our store, the Return Policy is described in Paragraph 6 and thus NO Return/Refund can take place in our physical stores.


You may cancel your order in any of the following phases:
a) Before receiving the product ordered – you may cancel your order by sending an e-mail at the web address or calling +302651002801 daily from 09:00-21:00 and 09:00-16:00 for Saturdays. In case the cancelation takes place after your order is dispatched you will be asked to pay the total transport costs which equal to 10 euros. That is 5 euro for the product being sent from us to you and another 5 euro for the product being sent back to us from you.
b) After receiving the product ordered, you may activate the withdrawal option within 15 days since the day you received the product.

However, it is vitally essential for you to be able to return a product, that every prerequisite – mentioned above and regarding damages of returned products etc – is fully met. 
You have the right to return a product and receive a full refund. The refund is always based on the price, the product had on the day of the initial transaction. It is reminded that the total transport costs, which equal to 10 euros, are always subtracted from the refund (5 euro for the product being sent from us to you and another 5 euro for the product being sent back to us from you).  The transport cost is free of charge for all customers who do not use the withdrawal option. The amount of the returned money will be deposited by our company within 14 working days, starting from the day we get the returned products and when all prerequisites for our return policy are fully met.

Refunds in any bank except for Piraeus and Alpha, have an extra charge of 1,5€ due to bank supply of our company for the requested transfer. Refunds in any bank except for Piraeus, customer may be charged with an extra fee from the bank to him/her, depending on each bank's charges list, which is not our responsibility.

We would like to remind you that a refund is possible only when the customer uses the withdrawal option. In case of a product return/replacement with another of lower cost, you will be given a discount coupon equal to the difference of the price of the 2 products. In this case you will be also charged the transport cost of the new product which is 5 euros, as it is described on section 6, “How to return a product”.

If (including returns also) you choose to return the product using another Courier than Geniki Taxidromiki you will be charged the initial shipping costs which is equal to 5 euros plus the shipping costs for the returning products.

In case you place an order and choose to decline it upon delivery, you will be asked to pay the total transport costs which equal to 10 euro. That is 5 euro for the product being sent from us to you and another 5 euro for the product being sent back to us from you.

You have the right to return a product within 15 days since the day you received it and ask for its replacement with another product or a different size. It should be underlined that the date written on the courier’s receipt is considered as the delivery date for the returned product, for deadline verification purposes. 
In case a product is returned in Greece (for instance a potential change) customers are required to pay 5 euro. 
In case of a product return from abroad, transport costs are fully covered by the person who returns the product. It is noted that in the case the customer requires a refund to a bank outside Greece, the refund is calculated based on the price the product had the date of the initial transaction. The transport cost and the expenses for the bank transfer are always paid by the customer (bank transfer cost for Banks inside EU: apx.11€).
In any case, returned products should be in the exact condition in which they were when received by the customer. This includes:

  • There should be no damages inflicted and their packaging should be the one that accompanies the product itself.
  • They should be in perfect condition (including their official packaging or wrapping)
  • They should be accompanied by every proper document they were received with (receipt, invoice etc.)

If the aforementioned prerequisites are met, you may send the product back to us in order for it to be replaced. Otherwise, we reserve the right to decline the product return.
The product return process is particularly simple and may be completed by calling our customer service department at +302651002801.

The products you wish to return must be sent at the 6th Km. Ioannina - Athens, P.O. 45500, via Geniki Taxidromiki at our own cost.
In case the product is returned to an address different to the one mentioned above, you will be charged an additional 5€ which is the shipping cost for the redirection of the package to the right destination.

It is noted that the replacements always take into account the current price of the product as well as the extra cost of the transport. In case the replacement product has a lower price than the one you are returning, you will be given a discount coupon, equal to the difference of the two products. A refund for the above case is not possible.

In order for the Return to be valid, you must send your product back to us, the latest, the following day of your submmited request.
In a different case your request will be canceled and you will be charged the full amount of the delivery cost (10€).

The following items cannot be returned: underwear, swim suit, speakers - hands free as well as all TOMTOM products.

Return of Defective/Damaged Products
In cases where can be held evidently liable for selling products that may be either defective or of poor quality, or have been falsely included in an order, or have been mispriced, or they have suffered any damages during transport, or they have come with a poor packaging etc., then is fully responsible for replacing the product and covering both the transport costs for the product being sent back (the required delivery charge will be deposited to a bank account suggested by the customer) as well as that for the product being resent to the customer. 

In order for our company to check if the product is defected, you have to send us photos of it via email at If you send us the product without following the procedure above, hou have to pay for all shipping costs including those that might be occured.Also our company has the right to deny receiving the above product.
Return conditions remain the same as those mentioned above.

In case the product is not characterized as defective, it is returned to the customer at his own cost (10€).

Both the company and the consumer are bound to use and operate this website properly, based on good faith and business ethics. 
In order to gain proper and complete access to, visitors need to activate JavaScript and allow cookies on their browser. In addition, you need to have installed a version later than 6 for Internet Explorer, a version later than 3.5 for Mozilla Firefox, or any other equivalent web browser version. You are also advised to use the latest versions of browsers and Adobe Flash Player to be able to view additional graphics. 
Each user-consumer-member of acknowledges and accepts that may need to download certain updated applications and software, in order to be able to use some of the services of The Company preserves the exclusive right – to which the customer agrees unconditionally – to interrupt either permanently or temporarily the operation of with or without any previous notification of its users/members. 
In any case, each user-consumer-visitor-member complies with the obligation and accepts that will not be used for sending, displaying or conveying in any possible way, content that is considered illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, disturbing, defamatory, vulgar, indecent, libelous; violates another individual’s confidentiality; involves spite; expresses racial, national or other discrimination; may cause any kind of damage to minors; does not fall within the provisions of the law, the conventional or administrative relations (such as domestic information, ownership and confidential information that has been obtained or revealed through working relations or is subjected to confidential agreements); violates any kind of patent, trademark, commercial secrets or ownership rights of third parties; consists of software viruses or codes of any kind, archives or software that have been designed with a purpose to interrupt, damage or cease the proper function of any software or hardware; violates the current domestic or European legislation and its provisions either intentionally or unconsciously; may harass third parties in any way; as well as any Content used for gathering or saving personal data of other users.  
Our company is edited on a daily basis in order to achieve an accurate and suitable presentation of all the information related to the products that are promoted on However, our company is not responsible for any mistakes as regards to the information displayed on the website (such as prices, availability, photos, articles etc.) that may be due to, for instance, technological failures and errors, misprints or “human errors” or/and incorrect information provided by our suppliers, even if these derive from the company’s negligence. In case you encounter any incorrect information before or/and after your order is placed, we urge you to send a corresponding e-mail at the web address or/and call our supporter helpline +30+302651002800. In any case, however, if you encounter any mistake, you are kindly requested not to proceed with your order request before notifying our company and clarifying that specific issue.
Our company’s trading strategy and price policy are in full consonance with the terms regarding the protection of competition. Therefore, the prices of the products sold on may differ from those of similar products sold at any other stores, since our company proceeds to various special offers and other promotional actions at times we see it fit for our business goals to be achieved. Our company reserves the right to alter the price of any product, at any time, with no reason and no previous notification.

The content of, in its total, constitutes intellectual property of the company and is protected by the corresponding provisions of both domestic and international legislation, as well as the international conventions concerning intellectual property. For example, every article, any kind of archive, the signs/logos, the website’s layout, the software, every photo and design, both commercial and financial data etc. are considered as such. The rights of third parties, such as associates, collaborating sectors etc., are not related to the company’s own rights. Total or partial copy, distribution, storing, reproduction, republishing, transfer, modification, alteration or any other similar action of the aforementioned information is explicitly prohibited, unless the company has granted prior, clear and written consent. Any potential actions opposed to the prohibitions mentioned above may offend our company’s intellectual/industrial property rights. The company explicitly reserves every legal right to full and proper compensation in case it suffers any damage.
The company is entitled to exploit commercially (either itself or third parties) the total amount of information displayed on, as well as to modify them whenever sees it fit with or without any previous notification of the users-consumers-members of “” who accept unconditionally the company’s option to act accordingly.



1. General Information

Our company SIONTIS SA, which, from now on, will be called the COMPANY, has the right to collect all the personal data needed by you to create a personal account on its website through which you can place orders or subscribe to the Newsletter. The COMPANY has also the right to collect all the personal data needed to execute your order even if you choose to proceed as a “Guest”. The COMPANY has also the right to collect all the personal data needed to send you newsletters if you are not a registered customer but you have chosen to subscribe through the newsletter subscription form.
The personal data collected by the COMPANY are collected, processed, submitted and archived confidentially by the Data Processing Officer in accordance with the applicable Greek data protection Law (N.2472 / 97 as currently in force) and the provisions of the European Law (EC 2016/679).
Personal data that may be collected will never be disclosed to third parties (except as stated by the law and the respective authorities and as defined in paragraph 3.3) and their privacy is preserved. The COMPANY maintains electronic records with these data solely for communication, statistics, and customer service and customer management reasons.

2. Right to access, correct, delete, and reverse the process

You have the right, if you have created an account on the COMPANY's website, to access, correct or delete your personal information and refuse the process of your information by contacting the COMPANY’s Data Processing Officer at any time:

  • via e-mail (at
  • by phone from 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday (at 2651002801)

or by logging in to your account with your username and password and then navigating through the "GDPR Tools Menu (Access, portability or deletion of your personal data)". 

If you have placed an order as a Guest and you wish to edit your personal information you can contact the COMPANY’s Data Processing Officer at any time:

  • via e-mail (at
  • by phone from 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday (at 2651002801)

​If you signed up for the newsletter via the registration form, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the end of each newsletter or by requesting your deletion by sending us an email at

If you experience any problems with the above, you may contact the COMPANY’s Data Processing Officer using the contact details mentioned above.
Minors have access to the site only with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

3. The managing of personal information by our company

3.1 Methods of data collection
At the time of your registration on the Site, we collect your personal information by the form provided in the "My Account" section. The COMPANY then, collects your name, surname, phone number (s), address, postal code, city, country and e-mail address. In addition, you may be asked to provide us with extra information, such as your gender, date of birth, and your product / service preferences.
When you fill out your details on the order form on the Check Out page and once you click on the "Continue" button, we collect the personal information you have provided as defined in the Terms of Use. Therefore, we collect your name, surname, email address, address (delivery and pricing, if different), city, postal code of your area and your phone-s. If you do not complete your order, we may send you an email providing assistance in order to complete your purchase successfully. If you complete your order but it is not delivered within 4 business days, we may send you an email and a sms providing assistance in order for your package to be successfully delivered. When you receive your order, we are sending you a “thank you mail” that may include a discount coupon and asking for a review. When you fill out your details on the newsletter subscription form we collect the personal information you provided (including your gender and mail).
Finally, if you have registered, when you request to view pages on the Site, THE COMPANY’s servers automatically recognize the IP address of your computer (the numeric web address assigned to each computer on a network.) The IP address is as follows: XXX .XXX.XXX.XXX).
In the event that you do not fill out the mandatory data we will not be able to complete our transaction.
We can receive your personal information from various sources. We may collect this information when you offer it to our physical stores, our Web site, our social networking platforms, or some of our events. When you visit this page, we also automatically collect some information, using technologies such as cookies, web server logs and web beacons. More about these technologies can be found on the Cookies Policy page. Cookies Policy

3.2 Use of personal data
The personal information we collect from you every time you place an order is necessary for the overall process of your order from the COMPANY and its colleagues. This includes the detection of online fraud and fraud on modern payment methods, the prevention and process of payment (non-payment) incidents, and the maintenance of COMPANY's rights in relation to its commercial activity. The personal data of the orders are kept in our records for tax purposes for as long as the applicable tax provisions are set per case. After this time, they are automatically anonymized.
The personal information we collect from you when you create an account is necessary for placing orders faster and for your personal use (for example tracking previous orders). In addition, if you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, this data may be used to inform you about products and services provided by the COMPANY and its promotions. This information is kept in our archive for 5 years unless you choose to unsubscribe via the deletion / anonymization option on your account's tools. For the deletion / anonymization of the personal data of your orders, the retention time specified in the applicable tax provisions per case should have elapsed. If you choose to unsubscribe before this time, the personal data of your orders is not deleted at this time, but they are automatically anonymized after that time.
The personal information we collect from you when you subscribe to the newsletter via the registration form is necessary to inform you by email about commercial proposals for products or services, promotions or promotional activities and is kept for 5 years unless you declare your refusal with the ways mentioned in paragraph 2.
We have the right to process the data we have in order to interpret the use of our Site by visitors (frequency of viewing from various other websites, sales statistics and origin of visitors to our website, etc.).
The data regarding the profile of our visitors will be kept only by the COMPANY as defined by the Greek law.
The COMPANY will not transfer or share in any way your personal data and information to subsidiaries, third parties and its business or business associates without prior notice to you.
In the event that the COMPANY is compelled to reveal the personal data of its visitors, it will notify its visitor if possible (except if the COMPANY is not obliged to do so).
Taking into account the level of technology related to the telecommunications sector, THE COMPANY cannot guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of verifying the authenticity of the email that the visitor sends or receives from the COMPANY.
We may eventually use the information in other ways for which we will provide a specific alert at the time of collection.

3.3 Data recipients
All personal data is intended for use by the COMPANY. With the exception of photographs, the personal data collected from our Site may occasionally be requested by our trading partners to ensure that we address the above-mentioned purpose, as well as to identify cases of fraud payments and the process of commercial operations organized by the COMPANY or its trading partners. The COMPANY is trying to limit the recipients to ensure adequate protection, in accordance with the applicable Greek and European legislation. Also, the COMPANY is required to send some of your personal information to affiliated companies in order to send the products you have purchased to the shipping address you have registered (phone number, address and full name of the recipient), to the sms service provider(mobile phone) or to contact you by email (address, name, and other payment information). With the aforesaid affiliated companies, THE COMPANY has included in their contracts with them the obligation on their part to use your personal data only for the operations described above in accordance with the applicable legal provisions by the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities

3.4 Security and confidentiality of personal data
The COMPANY has made significant efforts to take all precautionary measures to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal data and to prevent their distortion, damage, destruction and accessibility by unauthorized third parties. Technical and organizational security measures include state-of-the-art technology. However, the company cannot control the risk associated with the operation of the Internet and therefore draws your attention to the potential risks associated with its use and operation.

3.5 Information collected automatically
When you visit this page, we automatically collect specific information, using technologies such as cookies, web server logs and web beacons.
We may use third party web analytics on this page, our social networking pages, or our mobile apps. Service providers that manage these services use technologies such as cookies, web server logs and web beacons to help us analyze how visitors are using the page. The information collected through these ways (including the IP address) is disclosed to those service providers who use the information to evaluate the use of the site. More about cookies, web beacons and similar technologies as well as about using this information can be found here.

4. Information we share

We do not sell and disclose personal information we collect about you except in the cases described here. We may share your personal information with:

  • Our partners for the purposes described in the COMPANY’s Privacy Policy.
  • Service providers who provide services on our behalf under our instructions. We do not authorize these providers to use or disclose the information unless it is necessary to provide services on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements. Examples of these service providers include entities that process credit card payments, order processing, as well as the provision of network hosting and advertising services.
  • Other third parties with your consent.

Additionally, we may disclose information about you
(i) if we are required to act by law or legal process,
(ii) law enforcement or other government officials, or
(iii) when we believe that disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent personal injury or financial loss, or in conjunction with a search for suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activity.
We also retain the right to transfer the personal information we have about you in the event of the sale or transfer of all or part of our business or assets. If such a sale or transfer occurs, we will use reasonable efforts to direct the assignee to use the personal information you have provided to us in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy. After such a sale or transfer, you can contact the entity to whom your personal information will be transferred with any questions regarding the processing of this information.

5. Your rights and choices

We offer you specific choices regarding the personal information we collect from you, such as how we use the information and how we communicate with you. To update your preferences, ask us to remove your information from our mailing lists or submit a request, please contact us as described below.

5.1 E-mail Opt-Out
You may at any time tell us not to send you email advertising as mentioned in paragraph 2.

5.2 Withdrawal of Consent
You may withdraw any consent you have given or object to at any time for legitimate reasons as to the processing of your personal information. We will apply your preferences within a reasonable time. In some cases, by withdrawing your consent to the use or disclosure of your personal information, it may mean that you will not be able to take advantage of some of our products or services.

5.3 Reviewing, Updating, and Modifying Personal Data
Subject to applicable law, you may have the right to request access to, and receive details of, the personal information we hold for you, to update and correct inaccuracies in your personal data, and to request that they be blocked or deleted, depending on the situation. The right of access to personal information may in some cases be limited by the requirements of local law. You may request to revise, change or delete your personal information as described in paragraph 2.

6. How we protect personal data.

Διατηρούμε κατάλληλες διοικητικές, τεχνικές και φυσικές δικλείδες που σχεδιάστηκαν για την προστασία των προσωπικών στοιχείων που παρέχετε από τυχαία, παράνομη ή μη εγκεκριμένη καταστροφή, απώλεια, αλλοίωση, πρόσβαση, αποκάλυψη ή χρήση. Μεταξύ των άλλων τα δεδομένα απόθηκεύονται σε server πιστοποιημένο κατά ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 και ISO 27001.

7. How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments about this, or if you would like us to update the information we have about you or your preferences, please contact our Data Processing Officer using the information at the beginning of this document.

Our company takes every precautionary measure (data encoding etc.) so as to secure both the customers’ personal data and their transactions. Our clients’ personal information is never leaked to any third parties and remains encoded, and thus, non-visible by any unauthorized third parties, during your browsing on our website. Data encoding applies to every stage and process of your transaction, as well as to your sharing of personal data with; including the cart, the wish list, your personal page as a user, your log in, and the order format during data sharing with the company, etc.
The codes used for your identification are: i) your log-in code (e-mail or username) and ii) your Personal Secret Security Code (password), which grant you total and secure access to all your personal data. You may alter these codes at any time and as often as you wish.
The only individual who has access to your personal data is you through the aforementioned codes, and thus, you are solely responsible for keeping them secret and not revealing them to any third parties. In case they are either compromised or leaked, you ought to proceed to our prompt notification, otherwise, our company will not be held responsible for the use of your secret code by an unauthorized individual.
For security purposes, we strongly recommend that you change these codes at reasonable time intervals, avoid using permanent and easily breakable codes, and include both numbers and symbols instead of letters exclusively while you create your personal codes.

The user-consumer-member of explicitly, irrevocably and unconditionally accepts the company’s absolute right to terminate the use of access codes for the website services, and prevent access to its content and information every time the company considers that the user-consumer-member of violates the present terms and conditions. In addition, the company may interrupt, suspend, or modify the function of, totally or partially, temporarily or permanently, at any time, with or without any previous notification of the user-consumer-member of
The company cannot be held responsible in case, for any probable reason – including negligence – the website’s function is interrupted, the access to the site is either inadequate or impossible, “viruses” or other malicious software is transferred to the users/visitors’ terminals despite the security measures adopted, unauthorized third parties interfere in any way with the content or the function of the website hindering, this way, its prompt use and proper function or intercepting information relevant to the personal data of those who are customers and registered users of
Furthermore, the company does not bear any responsibility regarding the consumers’ communication with any third parties who may be advertised on, nor can it be held liable for any potential issue raised due to any commercial transaction concluded between the user/member and the advertised party.
In addition, our company assumes absolutely no liability for neither potential claims of legal or civil or/and criminal nature, nor damage (incidental, or consequential which indicatively and not restrictively, separately or/and accumulatively results to data loss, profit loss, financial compensation etc.) caused by users-consumers-members of and inflicted by any reason related to the website’s function or not, or/and its use or not, or/and improper rendering of either services or information provided by the company through, or/and unallowable third-party interference with products or/and services or/and information provided through the site or/and created security gaps.
In case, however, any of the aforementioned is caused by intentional malice pretense on the company’s behalf, the company is required to cover solely those potential incidental damages that are due and directly relevant to the terms above and the company’s intentional malice pretense. Respectively, all liability limitations included in the present terms and conditions are adopted, acknowledged and accepted in their total by every user-consumer-member of, as valid and consistent to good faith and business ethics.

12) LINKS TO THIRD PARTIES may consist of references to other websites, for the content and services of which bears no responsibility. The company does not guarantee full and safe access to websites that may be mentioned on In addition, our company shares no responsibility for the content and services of these websites; and in case the users-visitors encounter any kind of problem during their visit-use on these websites, they ought to address directly to the corresponding websites for they are solely responsible for that particular problem. Under no circumstances does the company agree to and adopt the content or the services of the websites that makes reference to; neither should it be considered that it is connected to them in any way. 

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